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Training With Jocelyn 


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Ballet, Theatre, Fitness

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Ballet Classes


Photo by Anne Mikael

Alexa Baksay

Ballet Classes (Fall 2023) 

Newly Expanded Studio Space!

Fusion Performing Arts Alliance

1515 Redwood Ave.  #6

Grants Pass, OR 97527

Teaching all levels at Fusion Dance Academy 

See the schedule of classes and register today!



Email or call with any questions for all classes.


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Private Coaching

Acting Piece, Song in Performance, Ballet, Contemporary or Jazz, Theater, Strength Training

Another option is private lessons or coaching sessions.  I enjoy teaching privately.  This allows for one-on-one specific training .  Sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes.  We can work on any discipline you choose.  Strength Training, Ballet technique class or a specific piece for performance.  If you are an Actor, we can work on an acting piece of your choice.  If you are a Singer, we can work on a song incorporating acting and performance skills.  If you are a Ballet Dancer, we can work to perfect your technique and artistic expression.   Because of my diverse background, I can work on any dance discipline to improve performance.


If you have an upcoming audition, any of these options can be especially helpful...

Have an audition?
Let's get prepared!

Auditioning is a skill in itself!  Whether you need to submit a video for a dance program or have a play or musical audition, I can help you!  

Call or email and schedule a session today

Strength Training 

There is a huge value in complementing dance training with a specialized program to increase the functional strength required to dance at the top of your ability.  

If you are looking for more flexibility, strength, power or just to be generally more fit, this is the class for you!  As a NASM  certified personal trainer that is something I can help you  accomplish.  I also have experience in Progressing Ballet Technique.

We will do strengthening and stretching exercises designed to support any of your dance disciplines.

Meet Jocelyn



I wear a lot of hats these days!  I am not only a ballet teacher and theater coach, but also a licensed massage therapist  of many years, and now a NASM certified personal trainer. 

I started dancing as a very little girl.  My first love was ballet...  Ballet led to other forms of dance in my older teens and eventually to a professional career in London and on Broadway...  There I worked very hard to become a more accomplished singer and actress.  I was very lucky to work with some of the best in the industry.  


Birmingham Civic Ballet - Milorad Miskovic

Virginia Ballet - Oleg Toupine

Louisville Ballet - Richard  Munroe

San Diego Ballet - Keith Martin

California Ballet - Marius Zirra

Ballet Pacifica - Lila Zali

London - Molly Molloy

Voice - Mary Hammond

Professional Experience:

Jazz Unlimited - Pat Rincon director

Bits and Pieces - (Wayne Sleep) -UK Tour -

Cats - West End 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (London Revival)- Original cast - West End, Broadway, Cast Album and DVD

Sweet Lorraine - UK Tour - original Cast

Les Miserables - West End and UK Tour

Jesus Christ Superstar -  (London Revival)- Original cast - West End and Cast Album

Witches Of Eastwick - Original cast - West End and Cast Album

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Original cast - West End and Cast Album

Local Experience:

Lead roles in 

Crazy For You, Cabaret, Oliver, Chicago, Annie Get Your Gun, Sunshine Boys

An Evening to Remember - Fundraiser for WCST - conceived, choreographed, directed and starred.  

With this background I began teaching, coaching, directing and choreographing.  

Teaching: San Pedro City Ballet,  Stillpoint, All That Jazz, Southern Oregon Dance Center

Starting in July at Fusion Dance Academy

Choreography and Direction: Scrooge the Musical (Barnstormers), Annually for Stillpoint Production's  The Nutcracker Ballet (with Penny King), An Evening To Remember, Youth Theater Ensemble,  Grants Pass High School Theater Department. Countless pieces for concerts for classes and students 

Non Profit Experience:

past board member WCST

Current President of the Board - Fusion Performing Arts Alliance

Hear from some of the students:



Zymri Anderson

“Jocelyn takes your audition game from a 4 to a 10.

I’ve taken acting classes, read books on auditioning and acting method, watched online classes, participated in community theatre, but still with every show I felt as though I could have landed a different role if I had just been able to show them what I was actually capable of in that daunting audition room.

Enter Jocelyn Schmidt.

One evening I saw a spectacular show in which Jocelyn had coached the actor who landed the leading role. I had been an admirer of hers since I started acting, so being trained by her sounded like a dream come true. I had a major audition coming up, so I decided to contact her and we scheduled my first lesson, and to this day I am so glad I did.

I figured with her experience and training, lessons would probably tote a hefty price tag. My budget wasn’t extensive, but I was willing to pay it. Not only was her price much less than I expected, but she was more than generous with time each lesson. What stood out to me the most was her patience, how she was so humble for her many impressive credits yet confident in the knowledge they provided her with and that she actually took away the fear and made auditioning exciting and fun.

I could gush so much about what I learned; how to walk into the audition room with an air of calm confidence, how to use the space, how to hit that emotional climax over and over… when the big audition finally came, I felt more ready than I have ever felt in my life. I was still shaking, but I had this sort of deep confidence inside me that I was fully prepared and wouldn’t fail.

It was the best audition I had ever given, and I ended up getting callbacks for not one, but five different shows. I always thought auditions were exciting, but now I thoroughly enjoy them and I greatly have Jocelyn to thank for that."

Alexa Baksay

My name is Alexa Baksay and I have known Jocelyn Schmidt since I was a little girl. When we met I was an energetic gymnast who wanted to try something new. Jocelyn introduced me to ballet which became my new passion. With Jocelyn’s help and encouragement I decided to move to Seattle and train at Pacific Northwest Ballet. After three years PNB closed due to Covid and I was forced to move back home. I felt like the world was crumbling and my ballet career was over. My mom contacted Jocelyn and asked if she would be willing to work one-on-one with me to help me stay in shape and train me. I was very nervous before our first session since it had been several years since Jocelyn and I worked together, but the moment I walked in Jocelyn fully welcomed me and put my fears at ease. For the next three months Jocelyn and I worked one on one, training harder than I did for three years at PNB. Jocelyn not only helped by ballet technique but also my mental and physical strength. We worked relentlessly doing floor barre and other strengthening exercises to build muscle in my body (Even my big toe!) She also helped me tremendously with the mental aspect of dance. She taught me to slow down and envision a happy place before performing along with other tricks and tips she learned while pursuing he career on Broadway. I will forever be thankful for all the hours I spent with Jocelyn in the studio. She truly is an inspiration. I would recommend Jocelyn to anyone wanting to become a stronger ballet dancer. She is passionate about the art form. She combines her classical dance background with her musical theater career and knowledge of the human body from massage to create a work environment perfect for a young dancer. She knows how to develop a dancer in a way to make them ready for the real world and the stage. She makes hours of hard work and training , fun and exciting while pushing you to new levels. She has a passion and enthusiasm for teaching like no other. When Jocelyn walks into the studio you can feel her joy and excitement not only for dance, but for life. Overall Jocelyn Schmidt is one of the best , most passionate teachers you can find and I would highly recommend training with her. It will change your world forever in the best way possible.

Brianna Gowland

“Jocelyn pushed me to a new level of acting. In just a few lessons, she taught me to make informed, story-driven acting choices in my monologues and musical theatre pieces. She prepared me for an audition and I landed the role! I’ve learned techniques and tools that I can take with me into the future, and I can walk into an audition room with confidence instead of anxiety. Jocelyn is a spectacular coach that I would recommend to anyone who is serious about wanting to perform. She is brilliant!”

Brooke Eldridge

"Jocelyn has always been a great mentor through my journey as a performer. Her high-energy encouragement and keen eye for technique give me the tools I need to walk into any audition room with confidence."

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